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Twinpa discovered Goa Trance in 1998 and was absolutely impressed by this variation, complexity and powerful sound. From this time he started collecting this music which was changing its style nearly from year to year.

Later Goa Trance became Psy Trance and the original Goa Trance began to slide into obscurity.

Sound was more and more generic, lots of new labels spread out of the earth and  Twinpa decided to create his own DJ sets with enough variation and complexity.

In this time he played sound that came mostly from Peak Records, TIP, or Alchemy Records. From 2008 he spotted new Labels like “Cronomi Records” or “Underground Alien Factory” that released the same sound of the old Goa Trance now called “Oldschool Goa Trance” and “Newschool Goa Trance”.

So he started to create and play sets with that sound under the name “Goa.Radio (Germany)”. Until now he specialized to play sets using oldschool and newschool Goa Trance while his sound is always considered as massive, trippy and dark. In 2012, when his twins were born, he called himself “Twinpa”


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Resident ( dj )  from 2018


Twinpa: 150 BPM by Toï Doï
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    TwinPa Radio Techno Zagreb

  Twinpa- Global Goa Party Vol. 5 - 1997
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    TwinPa Radio Techno Zagreb

  Twinpa- Retrodelics Part 11
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    TwinPa Radio Techno Zagreb

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    TwinPa Radio Techno Zagreb

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